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With a career that spans 10 years and includes photographing Megan Gale and Melissa George, Stef King specialises in fashion, beauty, portraits and lifestyle photography. Having shot for both local and national clients, her impressive portfolio contains work published globally. Stef King is currently based in Perth and has won many awards for her work including WA commercial photographer of the year and WA portrait photographer of the year. She has lectured on photography extensively and enjoys sharing her passion with other photographers. Available to travel nationally and internationally, Stef King’s list of commercial clients include Harpers Bazzar , Marie Claire, Grazia Aust, Scoop Magazine, Sunday Times, Picnic Clothing, Morrison, Hobbs Shoes, Crown Casino, Crystal Magazine and more.

Im so excited to have time to get back into shooting my Women of Perth portrait sessions!!!

If you have ever wanted a truly beautiful photograph of yourself now is the time!!

The couture collection will be photographed in June & July and will feature woman photographed individually in my signature style in our North Fremantle studio.

Plus a gift from me to you for taking part in this project!

Im looking to get shooting these straight away over the coming weeks and are looking for women of all shape and sizes and ages

Apply by contacting the studio at t&c apply


Introducing our small business / social media photo shoot sessions

Beautiful you is excited to announce a new small business/social media photo shoot package that includes a corporate headshot plus lifestyle branding images to suit your business needs.

statistics show that 82% of consumers trust a company more and 77% more likely to buy if the founder uses social media. Whether for a social profile or your company’s website, the quality and style of your headshot conveys a lot about you as a person and signals how you conduct your business.  The type of photo that is right for you is a branding decision, but regardless of the business you are in, a blurry or poorly cropped picture conveys a sense of sloppiness and lack of attention to detail!   – Forbes magazine.  Not a great look for business!! So put it on your to do list!

Our new packages include a session in our studio to capture a professional headshot image of yourself, lifestyle images for branding and also a collection of images to promote and market your product.  To discuss your session and for a one on one consultation contact the studio or email Stef at

Images below by Beautiful You Studio  for  White Rapture – follow Sam at @whiterapture – Perth Wedding & Event planner









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Mothers Day sessions

This week we look back on some of our favourite mother and daughter/son sessions in the studio.  From locations to studio and whatever age you are these are always such worthwhile sessions.  To have a photograph of yourself and your mum, parents or significant other I just don’t think its something you will ever regret doing.  So hi to all the mums out there for being such legends and get in touch if you would like to book in a mothers day session with your special person this mothers day.


meet Cathy, proud mum, business owner and inspiration..









I was very lucky to have the wonderful Cathy Wood in the studio a few weeks ago.. I asked Cathy to share a little bit about herself on the blog. Thankyou Cathy for spending a day with me at the studio and for your wonderful words on your experience!

Tell us about yourself? Hi my name is Cathy Wood and I am a proud 48 year old mum of two gorgeous boys 19 and 23.

What is your business and what do you do? Founder/Owner of The Sanctuary of Ananda which was foundered in 2006 through my vision and passion to guide and assist Couples in the Art of Tantric Sacred Love and to assist Women to embody the highest form of all feminine energy known as unconditional love.

The Sanskrit word for Ananda is “Ecstasy of Love” and the practice of Tantra brings you back into the heart of living life to its fullest.  Your relationship with yourself and your partner is and should be one of the most important and cherished priorities in your life and when honored with dedication and commitment, everything flourishes with abundant growth, harmony, contentment and love which then creates prosperity into every area of your life.

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What did you think of your experience of getting your photos taken? The word that comes to mind is gratitude.  Gratitude for finding an incredible photographer who made the entire shoot fun and refreshing.  Stef has a really down to earth friendly personality and a warm and inviting energy which made me feel instantly at ease.  I felt Stef was fully ‘present’ with me during the entire shoot and she had a way of making me feel beautiful inside and out.  I believe this energy is what shone through to my photos, it was not just about makeup, colour and lighting but a reflection that flowed through to the very core of my true femininity and that is exactly what I had wanted when I first contacted Stef.  The photos are amazing and more than I could have ever expected or hoped for.  I have met a lot of people in my career and Stef definitely has an incredible gift to see the real you.  I can’t thank you enough Stef, you are such an inspiration to all women.  Feeling blessed xox

Where have you used your new photos? All of the photos have been used on my website.  and Sanctuary of Ananda Face Book


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We had the gorgeous  Mel in the studio a few weeks ago for some new corporate shots, we just love how her shots turned out and wanted to share them with you on the blog.  We also asked her a few questions about where she is at in life and about her business and of course where she would be using her new images!
Tell us about yourself? 
During my last year at University, I quickly recognised my inability to conform to rules and strict conditions. I realised I loved to play, and would require something much more than a 9 to 5, to quench my curiosity. So, I began researching different avenues for me to fuel my needs.
I went ahead to NZ to pursue a private mentorship in property investment, as it’s a highly lucrative industry (My company name is lucrətiv Investments btw). My role is to help others make healthy and low risk investments on properties overseas, NZ in particular. I find a property that fits a client’s wants and needs, and help generate the right amount of equity and cashflow as desired. So far this has been a great journey, as I am meeting many unique and resourceful individuals from all walks of life, globally. I am learning very quickly, the power of relationships built from your networks. 
During my ‘time-out’ from business, I create modern, fine art prints that feature free spirited, vibrant colours. I love the use of colours to give my drawings a bit of an ‘UMMPH’. Most of my works feature skulls and skeletons, that are inspired by Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead in Mexico. I was awestruck when I first came across the festive holiday in a travel magazine, and have since created artworks inspired by the famous tradition. The beautiful colours allow me to truly relax, and be carried away with wild imagination. 
At 22, I feel confident, and ready to take on any challenges. I am a firm believer in having a vision, and creating life on your own terms. This is just the start of my journey….
What did you think of your experience of getting your photos taken? 
I stumbled across Beautiful You’s Instagram account and thought it would be perfect to capture my personality within a not-so-formal business/corporate photoshoot. From the get-go, I felt super comfortable and at ease. My makeup was done so beautifully, and the team did such a wonderful job with me during the photoshoot. I was very surprised at how quickly time got lost, as I did go in feeling a bit anxious at first, and thought I wouldn’t be able to smile or pose like other women do, and look half as good! I will certainly be coming back to Stef and highly recommend Beautiful You to all women!
Where have you used your new photos? 
I have begun using my photos on my Facebook and LinkedIn pages.
Please include your website….
Sitll in progress :) coming soon…!!
and we can’t wait to se it Mel!!!  Thanks for coming by the beautiful you studio

Nicola Nolan – The Reinvention Coach

Here at Beautiful You we love to share the stories of the women we photograph, and hear how they felt about their portrait experience.  We’re so proud of the feedback that we get, and so pleased that even the most nervous of our clients always have such a great time with us.  

We recently photographed Nicola Nolan, The Reinvention Coach, who was looking to update her headshots for her business.  Read more about Nicola, her inspirational journey, and her very amusing feedback below …..

Tell us a bit about yourself ….
I am a proud Irish Australian woman. I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland and return every year to see my many loved ones there. I left Ireland ten years ago to explore the world, and myself and my now husband Robbie stopped in Perth in 2008 and never left!  I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with 15 years prior experience in Corporate HR and Executive Search Consulting.  I am a driven individual with high expectations of myself and in the Corporate world my life was my work, and the environments were aggressive, target driven, high stress and fast paced.  My way of life eventually took its toll and I got pretty sick.  The next year was spent in and out of specialists offices looking for solutions and I was regularly popping pain medication just to get me through my days.  Finally I decided out of sheer frustration that it was up to me alone to regain control of my health.  I made some major adjustments to my life, spent a lot of time researching and decided to study to qualify as a Health Coach.  Today I run my own Health and Career Coaching practice and every day get to work with strong, inspiring people whose stories I often recognise in my own.  I am very privileged to have a ringside seat in their lives, supporting, empowering and encouraging them throughout their exciting journey.  

What is your business and what do you do?

I call myself The Reinvention Coach and I work in the Wellness Industry.  I believe in prevention rather than prescription. Achieving balance in our relationships, career and exercise is as important as the foods we eat. My clients have specific goals for their health, career and life and I support them to get the best job by having the best resume and interview skills in addition to supporting and empowering them towards optimal health and happiness through my Health Coaching programs.

Today a lot of us struggle to find a healthy balance between work and personal life. My clients regularly wake up feeling tired and continue to feel this throughout their day. They want more energy to fit exercise into their day. They struggle to prioritise their needs before others, often feeling isolated and craving more meaningful connections in their lives. It is very common for my clients to be confused about what “healthy” actually means and they are confused by the many conflicting messages they see every day of the week.  They often make food choices that result in feelings of guilt and shame, and regularly feel overwhelmed with their competing stresses in life.

Through my program I support and educate my clients to make lasting changes – it’s not a one size fits all quick fix solution. Together we introduce new yet manageable habits, and most importantly these changes are enjoyable and move at a pace that results in a feeling of achievement. I believe the only way to experience permanent and lasting change is when it feels less like a punishment but is easily integrated into the existing framework of your life.

How did you begin?

I could not ignore the excitement I felt when I first discovered the course content at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition – their core values closely echoed my own and I enrolled because I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.  I spent years of precious time and hard earned money on prescription medication and conventional medical specialists who, although extremely educated and experienced, made me feel prodded and prescribed rather than heard or understood.  I am happiest when I am listening, educating and empowering my clients so they can stop dreaming about their idea of a perfect life and start living it!!  So I studied at night and worked by day, I loved it so much it actually gave me energy despite the big hours I was putting in!  My Career Coaching Business was born organically through a 15 year career in Corporate HR and Recruitment.  I have been on the other side of the table and now I get to share the inside track with my clients so they can nail their dream job!

What are your ultimate goals for your business?

Ultimately I want to own a Retreat in the Hills where people can quite literally run towards it when they are feeling overwhelmed by the competing demands of life.  I am concerned about what I call an ‘epidemic of overwhelm’ in our society today.  We just don’t stop, even when we shut the door to the world in our own homes at night – it’s literally never ending and so exhausting! I am using levity here, but it comes from a more serious concern about the rising levels of depression, anxiety and, in extreme and all too often cases, suicide. People need an avenue to just check out and run before they get to a point of utter desperation. I want the Retreat to be affordable though! I can’t afford 90% of the Retreats around WA or Bali so I am assuming there are others in the same boat as I. I don’t want people to look at the cost and feel like they won’t eat for a week because it’s so expensive to stay – if anything this would make you feel even more trapped and hopeless.

I am from Ireland so I would also like to open one there, but that’s a way off just yet.  Crawl, walk, run they tell me! 

What did you think of the experience of getting your photos taken?

I contacted Stef because of her ethos behind operating Beautiful You. I work with women every day who look in the mirror and see a completely different person to the one their loved ones see everyday.  We lack confidence, often struggle with body acceptance and are the last to realise how wonderful we really are. I loved that Stef just wanted women to feel beautiful in their own skin – just as they are – and because I was incredibly terrified of being in front of a camera I made the decision she was the woman for the job!  

Stef has a calm reassuring manner and she is quite intuitive.  She matched me with a gorgeous hair and makeup artist who sat me down and reassured me I would look amazing, and I finally started to calm down for the first time that day.  Once it came time to get dressed and take photos I was mildly self conscious, but there was no one else in the studio that day except for the three of us and I felt safe.  I actually got quite comfortable quite quickly and started to laugh naturally rather than because I needed to for the camera! Our last set of shots are the ones I genuinely love the most.  For starters I was in my jeans, which is my go to wardrobe, and Stef had me sit on a couch just inside the studio door. It started raining heavily and the wind picked up just as I sat down, my perfectly coiffed hair started to get wet but it was totally hilarious!  Hands down, my favourite shots of the day I think because they epitomised real life!  It’s not staged, it just happens to you sometimes despite your best efforts to make it look perfect! 

I was literally high as a kite after the shoot.  I closed the car door, drove out of earshot of the studio and just squealed utter glee for a couple of minutes!  I felt like I could conquer the world after that morning in the studio.  I felt beautiful and strong and valid.  It was incredibly empowering.  

Returning with my husband a couple of weeks later to choose my photographs was also a beautiful memory for me. I really deliberated about taking him as having the photographs taken was my journey, but I decided to ask him at the last minute and he agreed to come. We had quite a few beautiful photographs to choose from that day and each time Stef put a new photo on the big screen I noticed him shifting in the seat alongside me. He was blown away and wanted to buy every photograph!  He still agonises about the ones we had to leave behind! 

Where have you used your new headshots?

I have used them on all of my social media, my website, my email signature and intend to use them for future bios. I ordered a print especially for my Mum as she insisted I buy one of the dresses I was wearing that day, and Stef loved it too, so Mum now has a new print for her wall of fame back in the house in Dublin. I actually hand delivered it to her during a surprise visit one week later!  

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Fay’s story

Beautiful You by Stef King has joined forces with the Heart Foundation to raise much needed funds and to raise awareness of heart disease in WA.  Heart Disease is the single leading cause of death for women in Australia. 

We are aiming to photograph 200 women whose portraits will fill a large acrylic heart art piece that will be donated to the Heart Foundation.  If you would like to take part in this project please visit our website:

Meet Fay Bahemia.

Fay is alive today thanks to a by-pass operation on the most important artery in her heart after a 98 per cent blockage was discovered.  At the time of her operation she was 48.

The most common reaction she gets to this news is “but you’re the healthiest person I know!”  Shock was certainly one of the first emotions Fay felt.  She was young, had never smoked, exercised regularly and ate healthily, how could this be happening?

Fay’s father had died from a sudden heart attack aged 52, so she was aware of the importance of staying healthy. She had check ups and always followed medical advice.

Like many women, her warning signs weren’t like those we often associate with someone experiencing a heart attack, but were equally as frightening.  We imagine someone clutching at their chest, fighting for breath and collapsing. Fay’s symptoms were quite different… is her story:

“One day at work I had a slight gripping sensation just under my collarbone, like a mild spasm. I’d done an intense zumba class the night before, and hadn’t had any chest pain or other symptoms that day.  What made me act was that the feeling went down my arm, and I knew this was a warning sign of a heart attack”.

Fay never had that heart attack, thanks to the quick action of her workplace nurse and the care she received once the ambulance crew arrived.  Following tests in the emergency department Fay was told she may have Wellens’ Syndrome and would need an angiogram the next day. The angiogram showed the left anterior descending artery, which feeds the main pump in the heart, had a blockage of 98%.

During her recovery Fay learned that a massive heart attack was highly likely within three weeks of experiencing her first symptoms. The average time span is eight days.

Fay’s life was busy with work, study, caring for her family. “For some time I’d been having an occasional sensation of pressure, but not pain, in my chest. It was so subtle I dismissed it – I don’t even know how many of these I’d had.

This came out of the blue for me.”

Fay has been compelled to tell as many women as she can that heart disease is not just something that happens to older men or those with unhealthy lifestyles.  She is also raising funds for the Heart Foundation.  You can find out more at:


“The Heart Source” on Facebook


A Beautiful offer for Mother’s Day ….

How about treating Mum to something out of the ordinary this Mother’s Day?

Here at Beautiful You Studio we’ve tailored a very special, very memorable gift pack for this Mother’s Day.  We’re offering a Portrait Photography session (not including hair and make up), usually priced at $195, for the exceptional price of *$99!  As part of this extra special gift, thanks to our friends at Sodashi, the first 15 bookings will receive a 100ml bottle of the gorgeously divine Sodashi Serenity Body Oil (RRP $53.90).  To round off your special gift our package also includes a Cinque Candle Co Brown Sugar + Fig candle.


*T&C’s apply




before you walk down the aisle..

Below are a few images from Gia-Dene’s  Pre wedding shoot.  What a beautiful gift to give to a loved one but also something to do for yourself x  big love always – Beautiful You xx

be my valentine






Valentines Day is really really soon!  what have you planned for your special someone?   We still have a limited few session times available for next week just in time for valentines! With a guarantee one fine art print ready to hand to your love one over breakfast valentines day morning :)  contact the studio to enquire about available times