Fay’s story

Beautiful You by Stef King has joined forces with the Heart Foundation to raise much needed funds and to raise awareness of heart disease in WA.  Heart Disease is the single leading cause of death for women in Australia. 

We are aiming to photograph 200 women whose portraits will fill a large acrylic heart art piece that will be donated to the Heart Foundation.  If you would like to take part in this project please visit our website: www.beautifulyoubystefking.com.au

Meet Fay Bahemia.

Fay is alive today thanks to a by-pass operation on the most important artery in her heart after a 98 per cent blockage was discovered.  At the time of her operation she was 48.

The most common reaction she gets to this news is “but you’re the healthiest person I know!”  Shock was certainly one of the first emotions Fay felt.  She was young, had never smoked, exercised regularly and ate healthily, how could this be happening?

Fay’s father had died from a sudden heart attack aged 52, so she was aware of the importance of staying healthy. She had check ups and always followed medical advice.

Like many women, her warning signs weren’t like those we often associate with someone experiencing a heart attack, but were equally as frightening.  We imagine someone clutching at their chest, fighting for breath and collapsing. Fay’s symptoms were quite different…..here is her story:

“One day at work I had a slight gripping sensation just under my collarbone, like a mild spasm. I’d done an intense zumba class the night before, and hadn’t had any chest pain or other symptoms that day.  What made me act was that the feeling went down my arm, and I knew this was a warning sign of a heart attack”.

Fay never had that heart attack, thanks to the quick action of her workplace nurse and the care she received once the ambulance crew arrived.  Following tests in the emergency department Fay was told she may have Wellens’ Syndrome and would need an angiogram the next day. The angiogram showed the left anterior descending artery, which feeds the main pump in the heart, had a blockage of 98%.

During her recovery Fay learned that a massive heart attack was highly likely within three weeks of experiencing her first symptoms. The average time span is eight days.

Fay’s life was busy with work, study, caring for her family. “For some time I’d been having an occasional sensation of pressure, but not pain, in my chest. It was so subtle I dismissed it – I don’t even know how many of these I’d had.

This came out of the blue for me.”

Fay has been compelled to tell as many women as she can that heart disease is not just something that happens to older men or those with unhealthy lifestyles.  She is also raising funds for the Heart Foundation.  You can find out more at:



“The Heart Source” on Facebook