The Natural Beauty Shoot Project

On the weekend we undertook a project to photograph woman of all ages, sizes and backgrounds. We welcomed any woman to participate and be photographed. The catch you have to be willing to be photographed with no makeup on… the project was about embracing natural beauty inside and out.

During the course of the photography session the woman were asked some key questions whilst being filmed by Mathew Knight videographer such as “do you wear makeup?” and  “why do you wear makeup?” and “why have you come today to be photographed without makeup on?”  the answers to these questions were astonishing and truthful and some answers brought us to tears. I can not wait to see the final video compilation of all of the wonderful inspiring woman who participated and to share with you the photographs of them bare faced and beautiful!

in the meantime here are some behind the scenes shots of everyone in the studio on saturday  and we would just like to say a big thankyou!! for coming along  and supporting our idea! If Liliana has not already, she will phone everyone who participated to let them know how they can use their vouchers!

We were joking today saying ok next project we should do instead of “make under” and “dare to bare ” we should do MAKEOVERS! time to get glamorous!

photo photo2