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Im so excited to have time to get back into shooting my Women of Perth portrait sessions!!!

If you have ever wanted a truly beautiful photograph of yourself now is the time!!

The couture collection will be photographed in June & July and will feature woman photographed individually in my signature style in our North Fremantle studio.

Plus a gift from me to you for taking part in this project!

Im looking to get shooting these straight away over the coming weeks and are looking for women of all shape and sizes and ages

Apply by contacting the studio at http://beautifulyoubystefking.com.au/about/contact/. t&c apply


Mothers Day sessions

This week we look back on some of our favourite mother and daughter/son sessions in the studio.  From locations to studio and whatever age you are these are always such worthwhile sessions.  To have a photograph of yourself and your mum, parents or significant other I just don’t think its something you will ever regret doing.  So hi to all the mums out there for being such legends and get in touch if you would like to book in a mothers day session with your special person this mothers day.


Fay’s story

Beautiful You by Stef King has joined forces with the Heart Foundation to raise much needed funds and to raise awareness of heart disease in WA.  Heart Disease is the single leading cause of death for women in Australia. 

We are aiming to photograph 200 women whose portraits will fill a large acrylic heart art piece that will be donated to the Heart Foundation.  If you would like to take part in this project please visit our website: www.beautifulyoubystefking.com.au

Meet Fay Bahemia.

Fay is alive today thanks to a by-pass operation on the most important artery in her heart after a 98 per cent blockage was discovered.  At the time of her operation she was 48.

The most common reaction she gets to this news is “but you’re the healthiest person I know!”  Shock was certainly one of the first emotions Fay felt.  She was young, had never smoked, exercised regularly and ate healthily, how could this be happening?

Fay’s father had died from a sudden heart attack aged 52, so she was aware of the importance of staying healthy. She had check ups and always followed medical advice.

Like many women, her warning signs weren’t like those we often associate with someone experiencing a heart attack, but were equally as frightening.  We imagine someone clutching at their chest, fighting for breath and collapsing. Fay’s symptoms were quite different…..here is her story:

“One day at work I had a slight gripping sensation just under my collarbone, like a mild spasm. I’d done an intense zumba class the night before, and hadn’t had any chest pain or other symptoms that day.  What made me act was that the feeling went down my arm, and I knew this was a warning sign of a heart attack”.

Fay never had that heart attack, thanks to the quick action of her workplace nurse and the care she received once the ambulance crew arrived.  Following tests in the emergency department Fay was told she may have Wellens’ Syndrome and would need an angiogram the next day. The angiogram showed the left anterior descending artery, which feeds the main pump in the heart, had a blockage of 98%.

During her recovery Fay learned that a massive heart attack was highly likely within three weeks of experiencing her first symptoms. The average time span is eight days.

Fay’s life was busy with work, study, caring for her family. “For some time I’d been having an occasional sensation of pressure, but not pain, in my chest. It was so subtle I dismissed it – I don’t even know how many of these I’d had.

This came out of the blue for me.”

Fay has been compelled to tell as many women as she can that heart disease is not just something that happens to older men or those with unhealthy lifestyles.  She is also raising funds for the Heart Foundation.  You can find out more at:



“The Heart Source” on Facebook


A Beautiful offer for Mother’s Day ….

How about treating Mum to something out of the ordinary this Mother’s Day?

Here at Beautiful You Studio we’ve tailored a very special, very memorable gift pack for this Mother’s Day.  We’re offering a Portrait Photography session (not including hair and make up), usually priced at $195, for the exceptional price of *$99!  As part of this extra special gift, thanks to our friends at Sodashi, the first 15 bookings will receive a 100ml bottle of the gorgeously divine Sodashi Serenity Body Oil (RRP $53.90).  To round off your special gift our package also includes a Cinque Candle Co Brown Sugar + Fig candle.

Enquiries: http://beautifulyoubystefking.com.au/about/contact/

*T&C’s apply




Woman of Perth project – the amazing woman behind the images






todays blog post is today of amazing lady Clare Ryan who was in need of new head shots for work. Such an inspirational hard working woman! Ive never laughed so much during a photo shoot.. I’m actually surprised these are in focus!!! only kidding :) read her interview below to get a little insight into the day to day life behind the glossy pages of Scoop magazine xxxx


Q –   what do you do for a job?  I have many hats at Scoop Publishing so it’s really hard to explain. I’m a fashion editor, editor and stylist. I look after our health and beauty pages as well as mens and womens fashion. I’m responsible for our main cover shoot, homes and interior shoots, as well as being editor of an additional five magazines from our homes and design series.

so whats its like being a fashion editor? It’s fun, I love it. I get to discover what’s going on with our local designers, boutique owners, and amazing talented creatives – photographers, makeup artists, models etc. I love that our publication focuses on the talent in our state. I get to be creative and I really try and push Scoop’s boundaries as well as my own.

is it as glamour as everything things?  Not at all. I’m still writing and organising things that I did when I first started. For our fashion shoot/cover I have to organise everything from the model and style/direction to the taping of the shoes and the food that we all eat on the day. It’s hectic, but I love it. I love the rush of an amazing shoot and holding the magazine in my hand once it’s printed.

whats the best and worst ( hardest ) thing about your job – The best part is seeing all of your hard work come together to produce a lovely publication. The worst? HA! Um, besides constant deadlines I think the hardest part is trying to come up with something original/new for the reader to see. Just when I have an idea for a shoot or an article, someone else prints it a day or so later, so I’m constantly having to rejig ideas and angles. I want to offer something fresh and original. Not copied.

how long has it been since you updates your corporate head shot? 10 years. My last headshot was taken on a friends camera before we were heading out to a lunch haha, I don’t think I even did my hair properly. We just took it in my backyard in five seconds.

how did you find having your hair and makeup done by a professional makeup artist? So much fun. It’s interesting how you look after having professional hair and makeup, it’s worth it.

how did you feel getting your portrait taken? It felt so odd having Stef take my picture because normally I’m with her watching the model get photographed. It was fun, I felt more comfortable outside the studio though and Stef was laughing just as much as I was. I just can’t be serious, as much as I try.

Where are you going to use your new images? I needed a few different options for work. Different magazines I work on have different markets, as well as freelance work that I do. I love the outside images because they really reflect who I am, but I love that we also took studio images because sometimes I have to give black and white headshots.

Clare Ryan | Editor  Scoop Publishing

www.scoop.com.au  to follow clare –  @ryanclareyeah  & www.clareryan.com

DSC_6517 DSC_6483bw clareRyan DSC_6586

bring sexy back..







One of the biggest trends right now in photography is Boudoir.. yep people its making a come back.. while some argue it never left we are finding more and more woman are requesting a sexy style of shoot.  Weather it be a shoot for yourself to celebrate how god dame fabulous you are or a milestone or having worked your butt off at the gym why shouldn’t woman celebrate the amazingness of who we are and what we look like!  If you were to do a boudoir shoot what would you’re requests be?  make me look subtle but sexy?  drop dead gorgeous?  bombshell babe? would you be game to shoot semi tasteful topless nudes? or keep it sexy but covered? to celebrate the month of March and the end of summer  I’m going to be posting some thoughts throughout the month about Boudoir shoots and some different ideas to explore for when you come in for your session…  for now here is a taste  of some beautiful images we are working on right now and more to come throughout the month <3amanda3low




Sometimes the best gift is the one you give yourself.




A little while ago we met Elizabeth. Mum of one she wanted to get some beautiful pictures of herself to remember this time in her life.  I could not have been more blown away by how amazing this young lady was on our shoot day. She knew what she wanted in her shots and i really enjoyed listening to her story. When we got chatting about her makeup look Elizabeth mentioned she never wore makeup and had never had heavy makeup or worn mascarra  so she wanted to experience seeing herself with a heavier makeup look on shoot day.  with her alabaster skin and smoky eyes i think she sure pulls off the look. Can’t wait for Liz to pick up her wall prints on Friday but for now a few of her shots on our new grey studio Set and one on our signature natural light White xxxx Love!!  ps happy Valentines Day!




DSC_1191 DSC_1248 DSC_1218 DSC_1208lizblog

I never do this…



Meet Eve… dancer, singer, performer burlesque dancer!  Eve came  into the studio last month to get some gorgeous shots of herself and to tell us about her new Lingerie party business “I never do this”   We had so much fun shooting Eve she has no worries at all posing and just spent the afternoon dancing around the studio.  I asked her how she does it.. as most girls can get really shy once the camera is turned on them.. Eve gave this great advice.. “You just have to let yourself relax.. forget about what you look like, what you are feeling like and just continue to move… the photographer will stop you if they see a great pose. Play upto the camera like you do in the mirror!”

great advice!!

Here is a little bit about Eves new venture.. I Never Do This is an at home shopping/ party concept designed especially for the women of today.  We offer a safe, comfortable and fun environment by bringing the shop to you. In the convenience of your own home or chosen venue, the stigma attached to purchasing adult products under normal retail circumstances is removed and replaced with a few hours of fun and relaxed entertainment with friends.

I Never Do This offers an exclusive range of lingerie, nightwear and adult products. Whether it’s a Hens Night, Couples Night, Birthday, Christmas Party, Fundraiser or just a get together, we will help you experience a very special night filled with games designed especially for you and your guests. So what are you waiting for, maybe you should try this…?   https://www.facebook.com/ineverdothis  Email Eve –  ineverdothis@mail.com

Side note –  Boudoir shoots are one of our most requested shoot session but they rarely make it onto the blog.. we believe these sessions are private sittings and intimate photos of yourself for you to share at your own discretion. We only shoot tasteful female boudoir shoots at beautiful you studio. if you are interested in a nude shoot or a couples session I can refer you to the other photographer based in our studio Janet Craig. Our Boudoir blog post are only posted with full permission by the sitter.

DSC_5712 DSC_5705 DSC_6027 DSC_5899 DSC_5864 DSC_5833 DSC_5795 DSC_5794

Amanda & Her Gorgeous Daughters

The Amanda was our first shoot for the Women of Perth Exhibition and brought in her two stunning daughters also. Love this shot at the end of the three gorgeous girls together.

We asked Amanda a couple of questions regarding the shoot.

What motivated you to apply?

My  life revolves around my kids and family, I wanted to do something for myself.

How was the whole experience?

Great, the girls had a ball and would come back tomorrow if they could, one of them is a budding model now. We were really happy with the whole thing.

What was your reaction to seeing the photos?

Quite  emotional actually, the photos turned out really good, we are really happy with them.

Are you glad you got your girls involved?

Yes, very much so. They loved it


Amanda & Her Daughters Amanda & Her Daughters Amanda & Her Daughters Amanda & Her Daughters Amanda & Her Daughters Amanda & Her Daughters Amanda & Her Daughters Amanda & Her Daughters