We had the gorgeous  Mel in the studio a few weeks ago for some new corporate shots, we just love how her shots turned out and wanted to share them with you on the blog.  We also asked her a few questions about where she is at in life and about her business and of course where she would be using her new images!
Tell us about yourself? 
During my last year at University, I quickly recognised my inability to conform to rules and strict conditions. I realised I loved to play, and would require something much more than a 9 to 5, to quench my curiosity. So, I began researching different avenues for me to fuel my needs.
I went ahead to NZ to pursue a private mentorship in property investment, as it’s a highly lucrative industry (My company name is lucrətiv Investments btw). My role is to help others make healthy and low risk investments on properties overseas, NZ in particular. I find a property that fits a client’s wants and needs, and help generate the right amount of equity and cashflow as desired. So far this has been a great journey, as I am meeting many unique and resourceful individuals from all walks of life, globally. I am learning very quickly, the power of relationships built from your networks. 
During my ‘time-out’ from business, I create modern, fine art prints that feature free spirited, vibrant colours. I love the use of colours to give my drawings a bit of an ‘UMMPH’. Most of my works feature skulls and skeletons, that are inspired by Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead in Mexico. I was awestruck when I first came across the festive holiday in a travel magazine, and have since created artworks inspired by the famous tradition. The beautiful colours allow me to truly relax, and be carried away with wild imagination. 
At 22, I feel confident, and ready to take on any challenges. I am a firm believer in having a vision, and creating life on your own terms. This is just the start of my journey….
What did you think of your experience of getting your photos taken? 
I stumbled across Beautiful You’s Instagram account and thought it would be perfect to capture my personality within a not-so-formal business/corporate photoshoot. From the get-go, I felt super comfortable and at ease. My makeup was done so beautifully, and the team did such a wonderful job with me during the photoshoot. I was very surprised at how quickly time got lost, as I did go in feeling a bit anxious at first, and thought I wouldn’t be able to smile or pose like other women do, and look half as good! I will certainly be coming back to Stef and highly recommend Beautiful You to all women!
Where have you used your new photos? 
I have begun using my photos on my Facebook and LinkedIn pages.
Please include your website….
Sitll in progress :) coming soon…!!
and we can’t wait to se it Mel!!!  Thanks for coming by the beautiful you studio