gorgeous me

The beautiful Suraya, mum of one came into the studio last week for a quick fashion shoot and she was kind enough to let me photograph her at the end for the Beautiful You blog.  Suraya has been a model with viviens models for quite a while and she is one of the best posers I have ever had a chance to photograph. She moves so easily in front of the camera.. below I’ve shared with you a few finished art images as well as some proofs from the shoot to show how much variety of poses we got out of just 15min in front of the camera!   The biggest fear factor I find with woman coming into the studio is they always say “what do i do”  ” I feel a bit silly” when posing in front of the camera.  My advice to you is just go with it! The less inhibition you have the better, keep moving and just have fun!  Try lots of different poses.. who cares if it doesn’t work we gave it a go and who knows that  frame may be the winner!

DSC_1960lowres DSC_2016lowres DSC_2168lowressaraya1