Model - Bridget Flint

Model - Bridget Flint

Name: Bridget Flint

Hometown: Perth, Western Australia

What’s it like being Bridget Flint? At the moment…It’s amazing. I feel like all the planets are lining up for me. I am presented with an incredible array of opportunities and I aim to make the most of all that is offered to me.

How did you get into modeling? My hairdresser asked me to be a hair model earlier this year, which is when I first thought maybe I could be a model… With all the support from my family and friends, I decided to send in some photos to Vivien’s Model Management. Since then it has been amazing!

Describe your personal style? My personal style is relaxed and understated with a touch of individuality. I love to dress myself to feel comfortable with how I feel and look.

Do you remember the very first time you noticed the world of fashion? When I was in primary school I adored Jennifer Hawkins. I remember searching through every newspaper and magazine to find her pictures and just admire them. I made collages of Jennifer wearing my favourite outfits. I guess that was the beginning of my intrigue with fashion and beauty. I also loved to create stylish outfits using paper fashions. It was an endless occupation for me to cut out beautiful pieces of miniature clothing using gorgeous patterned paper and coordinate them with meticulous attention to detail in my paper fashion journal. Art has always been a huge passion for me. Combining fashion design and make up was a wonderful creative outlet for me (growing up).

Do you look up to any models? My idol is Adriana Lima. She is everything I wish to be; confident, beautiful, fit and strong.

How long have you been doing ballet? My mother always says I could dance before I could walk. I have attended dance classes for 14 years, the last seven years have been ballet focused.

words - StyleVoyeur  Bridget - @Bee_flint represented by Viviens model management 

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