Model - Shanay Hall

Model - Shanay Hall

What is a day in the life of Shanay Hall like?

A day in my life would be to wake up early from our little girl hitting us in the face and smiling about it, then off to daycare. For a few hours I would ride my bike, run errands for the house, yoga or gym. Go to a casting or shoot, it depends. Study for my Doula course, pick baby up, then head to the petting zoo, free play at home with Iyla, dinner and bed. Early nights all round for us!

What inspires you? 

Happy people! People who do good things inspire me. My boyfriend inspires me and my daughter inspires me every day! The pure innocence is bliss.

What do you love most about modeling?

Working with different people and traveling! Also being a new character for every shoot is fun, it’s like acting.

What is one of the funniest/ strangest things you have experienced whilst modeling?

Too many things. I was in India once and rode an elephant for a shoot in the streets and little kids were throwing water at me from the balcony.

What is it like to be a mother and a model? Do you find it challenging? How do you deal with this? Would you let your child model if she wanted to later in life?

I mean it’s hard sometimes as my job is spontaneous and not always planned and being a mum you need a plan and a schedule. Luckily Iyla is very cruisy and I have very supportive friends and family who can take care of her when I have work. I mean if she wanted to model as her own choice, of course I’m not going to stop her from being who she wants to be. I would go with her though and guide her into making the right decisions. I would encourage her to finish school and study something though.

What do you do when you’re not modeling?

Being a mummy, studying to be a Doula which is a birth coach. It’s a role that supports mothers in labour through child birth. I also love to make fresh cashew milk.

Shanay is with IMG Models Worldwide @naisydaisy_

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