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I was very lucky to have the wonderful Cathy Wood in the studio a few weeks ago.. I asked Cathy to share a little bit about herself on the blog. Thankyou Cathy for spending a day with me at the studio and for your wonderful words on your experience!

Tell us about yourself? Hi my name is Cathy Wood and I am a proud 48 year old mum of two gorgeous boys 19 and 23.

What is your business and what do you do? Founder/Owner of The Sanctuary of Ananda which was foundered in 2006 through my vision and passion to guide and assist Couples in the Art of Tantric Sacred Love and to assist Women to embody the highest form of all feminine energy known as unconditional love.

The Sanskrit word for Ananda is “Ecstasy of Love” and the practice of Tantra brings you back into the heart of living life to its fullest.  Your relationship with yourself and your partner is and should be one of the most important and cherished priorities in your life and when honored with dedication and commitment, everything flourishes with abundant growth, harmony, contentment and love which then creates prosperity into every area of your life.

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What did you think of your experience of getting your photos taken? The word that comes to mind is gratitude.  Gratitude for finding an incredible photographer who made the entire shoot fun and refreshing.  Stef has a really down to earth friendly personality and a warm and inviting energy which made me feel instantly at ease.  I felt Stef was fully ‘present’ with me during the entire shoot and she had a way of making me feel beautiful inside and out.  I believe this energy is what shone through to my photos, it was not just about makeup, colour and lighting but a reflection that flowed through to the very core of my true femininity and that is exactly what I had wanted when I first contacted Stef.  The photos are amazing and more than I could have ever expected or hoped for.  I have met a lot of people in my career and Stef definitely has an incredible gift to see the real you.  I can’t thank you enough Stef, you are such an inspiration to all women.  Feeling blessed xox

Where have you used your new photos? All of the photos have been used on my website.  and Sanctuary of Ananda Face Book


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