Do you use photoshop to digitally enhance the images?

Yes. Photoshop today is the equivalent to the photographer’s dark room years ago. Photoshop is used to make small adjustments to the lighting, contrast and tone of the image.

Today taking the photo is only half the job. Stef and her team also use photoshop to adjust and smooth skin, this is called skin retouching, but we keep it minimal, we want the pictures to still look like you.

Can I have access to the high res RAW files?

No we do not give away the raw files.

Can I use my images for commercial purposes?

No. Our photoshoot sessions are for you to use for personal use only or for self promotion. If you are a model or an actor yes you can use your images to promote yourself, however you cannot use the images to promote or sell a third party company . i.e. to sell or promote a clothing label.

If you do have a collaboration, or commercial need or have any questions about this please contact us to discuss further.