photo shoot mood boards

Before any photography sessions we sit down with you and have a one on one conversation about what you want to wear and what you would like to look like for your portrait session.  These details help us determine the style, vibe of your photoshoot. from how we do your hair and makeup ( do you like your makeup natural or do you want serious glam or even something as simple as I’ve always wanted a Marilyn Monroe red lip ) to how Stef photographs you and the lighting she uses.   One great way to prepare for your shoot is to put together a mood board of ideas. ( Did you know before any magazine, fashion shoot or model portfolio shoot this is what the creative team does to prepare for the shoot? )  A mood board can contain anything from style of clothes, lighting, location, accessories, hair and makeup trends and ideas anything that inspires you and helps us achieve an incredible picture for you.   Over at Beautiful You HQ we are compiling some mood boards on our Pinterest page to inspire you.

This first Mood board title “Opulence”  is up on our Pinterest page to give some thursday inspiration. The Pinterest link can be found on the top right corner of our website.