How to put the YOU into your photo session

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Caitlin booked in for a beautiful me shoot after coming along to one of our studio open days. We got talking and Caitlin started telling me about herself and how she teaches yoga and her philosophy on positive attitude to life. Ive asked Caitlin to put a few words together for me to describe what she does, here are her words :

Yoga relaxes the body and reduces stress, with increased supply of blood and nutrients to the the muscles, it releases connective tissue improving the way we move, feel and function. Helping Improve physical body and emotional state. Poor posture is related to depression, yoga helps align and strengthen your spine and improve posture awareness.

My mission is to show that we can all be happy healthy and free in life. through yoga, meditation, breath work and awareness we reconnect with ourselves and find peace. My style is simple and full of love to create a place for calm healing. I look at the emotional side of physical constraints and disease which is dis ease in the body and our limiting belief systems that hold us back from reaching our true potential. 
Our thoughts define us so it is important to bring awareness to what we constantly tell our self.
Our thoughts create our world.
I love working with people and bringing a different perspective to help build positive attitudes. I love being able to be a support so everyone can be themselves completely and release old beliefs that are no longer serving them. I help to ask the question why, which brings about awareness of your thoughts to allow for change.
Gratitude changes your perspective and places you in a state of love, it is truly transformational. 
Thank you so much for reading and remember it all starts with loving yourself. 


 I must say Caitlin truly inspired me and when she asked me how we would shoot our session I said to her that I wanted to embrace this soft gentle side of hers but also maybe try something a bit different to represent her stronger side and the physical strength her yoga brings to her life and body.   Here are the results below..  I think it just goes to show how important it is to come in to the studio for that pre shoot consultation to really understand and think about before your shoot what it is you want from your session. what is it thats about you that makes you, you? and then let it really shine…   till next time x BeautifulYou

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